The Sacrifice is a short horror film based on a story by Joshua Torok, with the screenplay developed and written by Judson Vaughan and Joshua Torok. The film takes a look at an everyday normal family, whilst sat having breakfast one morning in front of their television – but this is no ordinary day… this is the day of the yearly global event that is televised live, to billions, watching simultaneously around the globe.
But what is the broadcast?
And why this family?

The film plays with themes of karma, retribution, suspense and fear.

In a world of mass social media, fast paced information, often truncated so that it be more easily digested, has become not so much expected, but rather demanded – not tomorrow, not even today, but indeed with the urgency of yesterday! Our consumption of super highway sped information, constant need to access and self-perpetuated lust for news, and sometimes cynicism, is fully realised in ‘The Sacrifice’ – but some news can be worthy of its host. It can be shocking, a revelation of a sinister hidden truth that lurks beneath complex, deep rooted, societal hidden layers.

Is there someone or something beyond what we comprehend after death/life, that presides over what is right or wrong?
Or a gradient measure of what is acceptable to what is not?

Welcome to ‘The Sacrifice’

Tagline: ‘Everything is Connected’

Logline: ‘Humankind are given a chance to continue existence as a family bears witness to the wrath of a deity’

Concept Art By The Brilliant Amelia Potter

Where did The Sacrifice screenplay come from?
Director’s Statement:

“The screenplay came to exist when I mentioned to a friend, Joshua Torok, that I was looking for ideas for a story, that could be screen adapted to make a 30 second horror film, at the request of a horror channel a few years ago (who took acquisition of a previous micro short horror film I produced and directed, ‘Pedro’ – for a competition – a winner of which and had to be shot on a mobile phone. I actually shot two versions of the same film simultaneously – the first, a minute version as per instructions and on a mobile, and the second, on a Canon 5DII with good lenses and a 5minute run time.) I still loved the story of Josh’s idea and felt it had legs. I let the film evolve slowly in my mind and until which time I thought to develop Josh’s original micro short idea into a broader context.

It seemed like the logical thing to do, given how I seemed to connect with Josh’s great material. And so, I spoke to Josh and he agreed, thus we extended the concept and wrote a more rounded version of the story and wrote the screenplay together, whilst keeping to the short form context.”

BURN has been selected at over 55 International Film Festivals worldwide. It was based on a story by Chris Barnes, with the screenplay written by Chris Barnes and Judson Vaughan and Exec. Produced by Chris Barnes.

The Sacrifice screenplay was also a finalist
at 2018’s Shriekfest Film Festival Short Screenplay competition and an Official Selection of Grim North


Judson has been directing and screenwriting since 2012, ‘Trigger’ his first feature screenplay was optioned and also the winner of a number of awards including the ‘Richard Vetere’ Screenplay Award at the Long Island Film Festival. Directing since late 2012, ‘The Moment’ was his first short film, a comedy-drama, picking up Best Short film Under 5 Minutes at the Rob Knox Film Festival and Nominated Best Editing at the Laugh or Die Comedy Film Festival, it also scooped Best Direction at Real Teal Film Festival.


Judson Vaughan

Director/Script Writer


He has since directed a number of short films, ‘Pedro’ (distributed with CryptTv) and ‘Soul Breaker’ (available on Amazon Prime | YouTube Movies | Google Play, and itself, winner of over 15 awards) and is also co-writing a sci-fi tv series, (Pilot episode now ready) as well as a high-concept horror feature ‘It’s Here’ – recent winner of Film Crash Best Feature Horror Screenplay 2019, and has now finished his current film festival hit film ‘Burn’ winner of over 14 awards including the coveted SHRIEKFEST award for best horror short film.

His first feature-length, a documentary called ‘Mexican Wave’ about narco political violence and the 43 Mexican students that were forcibly disappeared in 2014 has also finished it’s film festival run.

He is currently in post on a second doc, about Covid-19 in society and how it impacted on our lives.


Joshua Torok

Script Writer


Screenplay by Judson Vaughan & Joshua Torok


BURN has been selected at over 54 International Film Festivals worldwide and is still being selected. It was written by Chris Barnes and Judson Vaughan and Exec. Produced by Chris Barnes.

It stars Max Cavenham, Emma Kelly, and the first film featuring Matti Kolirin.






  • Dread Central: “An unrelenting hook, digging itself in and forcing you to pay attention. A great watch”
  • UK Horror Scene: “Excellently crafted with tight narrative”
  • Decay Mag: “A compelling delivery of its narrative structure”
  • Horror Society: “Burn is effective and expertly produced. Solid all around.”
  • The Horrorcist: “This is a must see”
  • Ain’t It Cool News: “Extremely powerful and unexpected”
  • Inentertainment Magazine: “What it has in abundance is originality”
  • Keeper of the Crimson Quill: “Vaughan’s direction is downright superb”
  • UK Film Review:  “A well-crafted and engaging short”
  • The Movie Critic Next Door: “The ending is wonderfully unsettling, but just as important the pacing of the movie never falters”
  • The Rotting Zombie: “A psychological horror that does the job it set out to do”
  • Bloody Flicks: “Burn is a slick package”
  • Movie Corner: “It just oozes originality”
  • Beyond The Gore: “You will be compelled to give it an immediate second viewing”
  • Johns Horror Corner: “We need more thoughtful horror like this”
  • Gruesome Magazine: “BURN is a fine slice of short horror cinema that looks fantastic and tells an eerie story splendidly.


“Do you like the thrill of horror? Here’s a little something I knocked together for you!” 

Judson Vaughan

– featuring some music by Rémi Brossier, giffs, clips from films and artists from around the world of this celebrated genre! None of it owned by us, but brilliantly executed by them!

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